My name is Kilburn Hall.Goth

 For those of you just discovering me, I write “Techno-thrillers” like my mentor Michael Crichton which heavily feature science, technology, politics, and journalism. If you like Michael Crichton, you’ll like my new book “Morphed” written in the tradition of “NEXT” along with other techno-thrillers in the Crichton tradition like Ark and Bimini Road. If you like Stephen King, you’ll want to read my new book “Crooked Island” written in the tradition of Duma Key.

Are you a Dan Brown fan? Then  you’ll want to look forward to my upcoming book Excalibur written in the tradition of The DaVinci Code.

 How do you get word-of-mouth for your book?
Therein lies the hard part. There is no instant solution for getting your book noticed. If it were easy then everyone who ever wrote a story would sell millions of copies. The way to get people interested in your book is to get people to buy your book and to tell other people, lots of other people when they like your book. Author’s have no problem with word of mouth if you have written a book that someone who shelled out big bucks absolutely hates. They will tell everybody and I mean everybody. So, the time to get people talking “up” your book is before you publish, when they’re about to buy your book, while they’re reading it and especially after they finish it.

My e-books and 6 x 9 paperbacks are available through  all major outlets like Amazon (Kindle) Barnes Nobles, (Nook), Kobo, Apple iBooks, edited by Create Space, all of whom deliver the quality of top publishers. I have partnered with Create Space owned by Barnes & Nobles to produce my beautifully done 6 x 9 trade paperbacks and distribute my ebooks.  I’ve discovered a whole internet universe of potential readers and believe me it takes a community of readers to start the buzz on your book. An author can’t be a lone island in a sea of titles.

 If you are a new visitor to my author website and you see a book you think you might like, please do leave a message indicating which book you are interested in reading. Who knows? You might even receive a free copy in a new book give-a-way promotion. But do come back to my site often to check for the latest upcoming publications.  You’re going to love your new Kilburn Hall Books. A world of entertainment awaits!  And thanks for checking out my website.


A team of Norwegian scientists stumble across an aged artifact three miles beneath the ice. Ice-Station X is buried under a mountain by a deliberate explosion set by an unknown saboteur.

New Swabia, A city of Nazis scientists believed destroyed by a nuclear bomb during Operation High Jump in 1947 led by Admiral Nimitz is found long abandoned with no signs of bodies. Where did a thousand Nazi scientists and their families go?

The USS Hawaii with its first female captain and all female crew are dispatched to ferry a mysterious stranger to Ice Station X only to find out he is not who he claims to be. Who is he? What is his mission?

Japanese robotist, Hiroshi Ishiguro, knows that somehow these events are connected. He believes his lifelong investigation of Nazi Saucers has devastating modern consequences, and a diabolical enemy unlike anything the world has ever known. Now, the USS Hawaii, its female captain Capt. Kilgore, her female c
rew, are racing the Russians and Chinese to solve the mystery as the trap is set. The clock is ticking.
Only Capt. Kilgore and the USS Hawaii stand between the earth and



In the tradition of The Door Into Summer by Robert Heinlein comes this new medical thriller. The year is 2033 and Obama care,  a train wreck that began in 2013,  has reshaped America’s future. As America is sliced up and redistricted, the official unemployment rate  is 23-percent but the real unemployment rate is closer to sixty-five percent.  Chicago doctor John Lange, one of the thousands of doctors laid off by nationalized healthcare in 2016 in the Central-Republic States, is disgruntled by a bitter  divorce,  the quality of medical care,  rising crime, unemployment, riots, protests, marches, a vicious government crack down as government tries to hang onto what little control it has left in the districts,  Lange begin’s to develop a Cure that  he hopes will put the nationally run health care system out of business. Along with an adopted streetwise alleycat named Hero, Lange begins to care for a young, very pregnant waitress, whom he takes under his wing. Partnering with the largest gang in Chicago, the Latin Kings, who control his Ravenswood neighborhood ,  he along with LTK, Margie the waitress and  friend Dr. John Lange, Jeffrey races to develop and distribute his CURE as the system, the city, and the nation come crashing down all around him.

The best ghost stories are read by flashlight while camping

under the stars in the summer-time while the fireflies alight or hunkering down to ride out Hurricane Sandy in front of a roaring fireplace nursing a glass of whiskey by Knob Creek. The best writers of these kind of stories are of course Stephen King or Dean Koontz and after reading Stephen King’s Duma Key during the blizzard of 2008 in Chicago, a story was beginning to form in my mind about an island in the Bahamas, the Bermuda Triangle to be exact, where a Navy Seal goes to Crooked Island Lodge for a little R &R after a hellacious firefight in Iraq with battle hardened al_Qaeda terrorists. As he shares his visions with Navy psychologist and friend, he’s not quite sure that what he’s seeing aren’t just dreams or hallucinations. Pirates coming ashore to bury treasure, a German U-boat off the shoreline and crew in search of fuel, then a spaceship lifted from the screenplay of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. He has photo’s on his digital camera of course but as his psychologist friend says, those kind of photo’s are easy to fake. It is when his psychologist friend sees the photo of Cuban nightclub singer Esmerelda Vacca, girlfriend of Cuban Mafia kingpin Johnny Ricco sprawled on the sand crying her eyes out that the line between this world and the next becomes blurred.
For you see, Johnny Ricco’s yacht went missing in 1955.


In the tradition of James Hilton’s lost HorizonKunLun
The top of the world is not for everyone. It is an area about the size of a living room, a broken platform of rock and ice six miles up in the sky. Higher than most airliners fly. So high, in fact, that it sits in the jet stream year round and the wind beats against the mountain face at one 100-miles-per-hour. A team of confident climbers sets out to summit the face of the world’s tallest mountain known as Kun Lun (Hidden Lotus) with notable celebrities and journalists. Not long into their journey, the climbers know they are heading for disaster. Rescue teams from all over the world race to Kun Lun Advanced Base Camp at 19,000-feet yet only one of the sixty-climbers, Chicago journalist Tim Campbell, survives to face unfounded accusations as he tells an amazing tale of Khembalung, Shambhala, or Shangri-La. Did Tim Campbell make up the story for profit and fame?
Maybe true-maybe not true. Better, you believe.







1. Markus Zusak
2. Michael Crichton
3Steve Berry
4. J.A. Konrath
5. Preston & Child
6Michael Ledwidge


Nancy J. Cohen: Today at the Kill Zone, I offer 14 entertaining questions that people ask writers. How many of them have you heard?




A lost civilization, diamond mines. The legend of King Solomon and the lost city of the Queen of Sheba. The vasts deserts of Africa.  The re-appearance of Egyptian Gods, An American, Capt. Derrick Mayes, attached to United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) while escorting Reporter Without Borders, Akira Jackson who is reporting on the unspeakable horrors in Eritrea’s Christian concentration camps where people are forced to drink their own urine to stay alive. Mayes small crew is ambushed by The Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) and left in the desert for dead. They are rescued by a wandering tribe of nomads and taken to a lost city. A city of all women. After returning to base, Mayes outfits an expedition. Along with Chief Elgin and Akira Jackson he returns to the lost city of Sheba to help fight the ELF only to discover to his horror that we are not alone


He envisioned a mysterious woman bending over him wearing one of those black hijabs with strands of black diamonds hanging down and covering her face. All he could see were those exquisite emerald green-colored eyes. She was bending over him to see if he was conscious. The she knelt forward and whispered in his ear…..
“Spill the wine, take that pearl, spill the wine, take that pearl!”
“Spill the wine, take that pearl, spill the wine, take that pearl!”…

when suddenly he was hit in the head with something and awoke abruptly. It was a frisbee lying on his face. He tossed it aside angrily as he sat up to feel the hot Ethiopian sun on his face. He had fallen alseep in the heat after one too many St. George Beers.


“I’m gonna take this frisbee and ram it up your ass.”

“Sorry boss,” said Chief Elgin.

“Numb nuts there can’t even catch simple frisbee.”

” Naked to the world
In front of
Every kind of girl
There was long one’s, tall ones, short ones, brown ones,
Black ones, round ones, big ones, crazy onesDig that girl…”

Sgt. Derek Mayes corrected him.

“Everyone always thinks it’s ” spill the wine,  dig that girl… but  it’s really spill the ine, take that pearl. You guys know what the “Pearl” is don’t you? Spill the wine??? Think orgasm. No kidding. DIG” is a hippie euphamism for “like” ;the “PEARL” is of course a sexual reference to a womans anatomy. First time my dad ever smoked weed, Eric Burdon and his bass player smoked with him at a concert in Tacoma, WA on a rainy night just in front of the stage when he took a little break because of the weather. Cops started firing tear gas and the place was like a mad house…but my dad will never forget it. 

“I didn’t know your dad was a musician boss. “

“Who do you think was the flute player on that song?”


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