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Election 2016 on Nov. 8th.

Tuesday after the first Monday: November 8
Election Day (United States)

293097_4489931695775_1773465092_nThe most contentious campaign in my lifetime. I am sure most Americans will be glad to put this in their rear-view mirror while bracing themselves for eight more years of immorality, highcrimes and misdemeanors by the Clintons in the White House. As if RAPIST Bill Clinton wasn;t bad enough copulating like a dog on the rug of the Oval Office while POTUS.

2017 will most likely see me moving to Canada. To tell you the truth, I can use the rest. Canada still has a semblance of law and order, they still respect their flag and national anthem, and the citizenry mostly honest. To tell you another truth, the last two years, in America, I feel like I am living in a nation of liars. Everyone lies it seems, from the girl at McDonalds who screws up your orders, to the HR department at the company you are employed, to our corrupt media, our politicians. Most of the lying is not done for malicious purposes. I think our society has just become lazy. We take shortcuts, don’t want to work too hard for very little money, we make mistakes, we put the blame on other people. The generation of personal responsibility died out with the WWII veterans. No wonder they are called THE GREATEST GENERATION.

Today, as I write this, the Philipines have separated as an ally from the United States. A huge loss of an ally. The U.S. used to maintain naval, Air Force, and other military bases there.

Enemy.jpgAmerica is in serious trouble folks. Instead of leading the world as the #1 industrial nation in the world, we are becoming a third-world nation of drug users, criminals, liars, terrorists. America doesn;t produce anything anymore. Instead, we are being overrun, overwhelmed by illegals from all over the world, not just Central America all wanting entitlements, (food stamps, welfare, tuition-free college education, good jobs which they are taking away from working poor Americans who need them to survive. America’s entitlement programs, now serving 75-million people on food stamps is near , unemployment, Social Security/SSI, college grant programs are all near the breaking point. By 2020, most of these programs under President Hillary will be broke. America is already on the verge of armed revolt in cities like Charlotte, Baltimore, Ferguson, Dallas, Orlando, NYC.

So say a prayer this month for America won’t you?

I have spent the past month taking novels out of mothballs, reworking the cover art, editing, re-writing. Most readers do not realize what hard work it is to not only write a readable book but to do all those marketing, publishing, editing, legal aspects as well involved in getting your book to market. No one ever told me when I wrote my first book KUN LUN the summer of 2000 that I would, in essence, be running my own publishing company: KILBURN HALL BOOKS. Hopefully, within the next few years I can get my publishing to the level where I can afford to hire people to help me with these varied aspects of publishing.
Kilburn Hall's photo.

Kilburn Hall's photo.
Kilburn Hall's photo.
Kilburn Hall's photo.
Kilburn Hall's photo.
 I want to talk about some of my projects with you, the reader to keep you apprised of what I am working on. 

“In the province of the mind what one
believes to be true, either is true or becomes
true within certain limits.”

~John Lily.

In the tradition of the 1967 French novel
Un Animal Dou de Raison (A Sentient
Animal) by Robert Merle, Bimini Road is not as anti-American as Merle’s version and opens up a world of possibilities previously surmised but never expressed on paper. Bimini Road deals with the ‘exploded planet hypothesis’ of myth first appeared in Alan F. Alford’s book, The Phoenix Solution (1998) and later clarified in The Atlantis Secret (2003) in which Alford surmises that Atlantis never existed in a geographical sense. In keeping with recent Platonic scholarship, Alford took the story to be ‘political allegory’, based on Plato’s critical view of Athens’ status as a powerful but decadent maritime empire in the 5th century BC.Alford argues that the Plato story of Atlantis was simultaneously an allegory for the creation of the universe – following the geocentric cosmogony of the Greeks. In this way, Alford claims that the story is indeed “true” – as Plato insisted it was – for the ancient sages believed that the myth of creation was a true account of how the universe had been brought into being.


My book, Reap the Whirlwind is fiction which takes on junk science, lying snake oil salesmen, and bogus environmentalists like Al Gore, lying politicians like Harry Reid and a future scenario that will result if we stay on the destructive path mankind is on here in 2016.



“It is the manner of death
that reveals the importance of a man.”red-indians-2_edited

When I was a kid growing up in the sixties, an author by the name of Ian Fleming created what would go on to become a billion-dollar industry. Bond…James Bond. Volumes of books and videos have been created dissecting the James Bond mystique. Ian Fleming, writing the first book at his retreat called Goldeneye in Jamaica, hit upon the quintessential ingredient for his character’s longevity and overwhelming success. James Bond is cool. Bond is as cool now in 2016 with the movie Spectre as he was in 1953 when Fleming first typed up the character in Casino Royale.

Most American men are not Bond. They are not cool, suave, sophisticated womanizers in the white dinner jacket gambling at the tables of Monte Carlo and ordering a martini, shaken not stirred. Most American men are boring, they work in the trades, blue-collar workers with work boots, hard hats, and metal lunch boxes. Therein lies the secret to Fleming’s character’s success. James Bond for most men is the fantasy of all fantasies. Under skillful production hands over the last 50-years, Bond has become a fantasy for women as well.

The Bond industry spawned dozen of spinoff TV shows in the sixties, The Avengers, Danger Man, The Man From Uncle, The Prisoner, Get Smart, to name a few. For authors, BOND inspired similar protagonists like Matt Helm, Dirk Pitt, Jack Ryan, Jason Bourne, Nicholai Hel. I did not know when I wrote my Bond Novel, Red Indians (2007) that one just simply can’t write a Bond novel. I was told by colleague and Bond author Raymond Benson that you have to be invited into the club. Most authors will not be. Owners of the Bond industry (Cubby Broccoli and family) are very protective of their golden calf. Much in the same way JK Rowling’s publisher, Scholastic, is after the popularity of Harry Potter.

Having researched the real James Bond type agents that work for MI6 or SIS Section 400 as it is known, most are curmudgeon type men who ride a desk or a computer instead of an Aston Martin or remote controlled BMW. Real secret agents lead a lonely and boring existence. Not the Playboy lifestyle Sean Connery or latest actor Daniel Craig enjoys.

I have tremendous amount of respect for the agents of SIS who lay their life on the line to protect the Empire with the proper decorum befitting British Society. They are not cowboys like America’s CIA riding roughshod over dictator countries in plotting assassinations and hostile takeovers of third-world countries. American agents are waterboarding, automatic weapon toting thugs compared to a James Bond.

Here is my rewritten work Red Indians. In the tradition of Ian Fleming but sufficiently different to prevent me from being sued by the lawyers who protect the billion dollar Bond industry; so reviled they could be agents of Spectre. I hope you will enjoy my character Peter O’Bannon known as ‘The Irish.’ and Zoey Britain, a cast off young woman caught up in the politics of the times.

We recently finished with Halloween and I want to mention a few books with a Halloween plot. RULE 666, THE KILLING OF A ROBIN, and  CURIO OF THE VANITIES. In Catholic tradition, November is the Month of the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

The holiday season is almost in full swing. I always look forward to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.and the slide into Christmas madness. I try to look past the crass commercialism as I get older to find the few simple things I still enjoy about the holiday season, pumpkin and mince-met pie, Brandy egg-nog, the first snow. I encourage all of you to go all out this holiday, spend it with family because starting 2017 America is in for a rough ride. Enjoy it while you can.