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“Un-winged and naked, sorrow surrenders its crown to a throne called grace.” 

Welcome to the shortest day of the month.
Having only 28 days in common years, it is the only month of the year that can pass without a single full moon.

Its birth flower is the violet (Viola) and the common primrose (Primula vulgaris).[5]

  • Its birthstone is the amethyst. It symbolizes piety, humility, spiritu200w-1al wisdom, and sincerity.[6]
  • Its zodiac signs are Aquarius (until February 19) and Pisces (February 20 onwards)|Most notably known for Superbowl Sunday (Feb 5th) Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day, Febraury is the month of love. Some terms associated with Febraury, Fat Tuesday, cupid, roses, Hallmark cards.

Inauguration came and went with the expected whining and protests by Trump haters.
security barricades,  and blockades,  went up around Washington in preparation for Friday’s swearing-in at the Capital.  giving a salute to the Air Force officer who welcomed him as he stepped off a military jet with wife Melania at Joint Base Andrews just outside Washington. Later, President Trump placed a ceremonial wreath at Arlington National Cemetery. From there, Trump shuttled to a celebratory welcome concert on the steps of Lincoln Memorial that ended with fireworks filling the sky. “This is some day, dear friends,” actor Jon Voight told the crowd, casting Trump’s impending inauguration as evidence of divine intervention after “a parade of propaganda that left us all breathless with anticipation, not knowing if God could reverse all the negative lies against Mr. Trump.”
“Wanting Obama or Trump to fail is like wanting the plane to crash but you’re on the plane.”

On my Facebook pages I have called for all Americans to get behind this new presidency. Trump has admitted he needs all the help he can get and folks…. we need to be part of the solution not part of the blame.

Phil sees his shadow on Groundhog Day
Six more weeks of winter is kind of passea when you winter in the American Southwest. Just gorgeous here in Scottsdale today, 73-degree’s and sunny. Hawaiian shirt weather I call it. But sorry you guys who live in the Midwest.
The movie that started it all : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSVeDx9fk60
was actually filmed in Woodstock, IL on the square. I spent a few Groundhog’s Days there at the Starbucks on the square around 2009 / 2010. Watching the film is like going home. 

Hidden Figures, the new movie about the career of Katherine G. Johnson 
should be required viewing at all elementary and high schools across this great nation. Growing up in the segregated 50’s & 60’s, I was not taught that NASA was the first to break the color barrier since it was history in the making.
Hidden Figures comes at a time of the failed policies of the Obama administration which has set back race-relations 50-years in America.
Katherine G. Johnson worked on Apollo and the Space shuttle and in 2016, the Katherine G. Johnson Computational Building was named in her honor. Katherine celebrated her 97th birthday.

END OF AN ERA: SAD Image result for Ringling Bros
Ringling Bros. circus to close after 146 years.
Declining attendance combined with high operating costs, along with changing public tastes and prolonged battles with animal rights groups all contributed to its demise.  The iriitating thing is that Ringling Bro’s takes great pains to humanely care for animals and has spent a fortune over the decades in hiring professional animal trainers. They keep animals as humanely as any zoo. But I can sympathize with RB owners who just have thrown in the towel. You can’t fight an army of these animal rights activists. All your profits eaten up in lawsuits.Asswipes.

As for me,,, February finds me hard at workingg rewriting CURE and Morphed, final edits on KOR, NPJBD, KUNN LUN and working on ICEX. If you liked Michael Crichton’s NEXT you will love MORHPED. If you liked Laura or Lost Horizon you will love THEKILLING OF A ROBIN and KUN LUN.


American best-selling author, screenwriter, film director, producer, and former
physician Michael Crichton was my mentor. Many say he was the father of the ‘techno-thriller’ genre. Michael passed away from lymphoma in November of 2008. I was in Arlington Heights, IL. working on my book CURE at the downtown coffee shop called Beaners. I think Michael would have chuckled at my choice for the character names, Dr, John Lange and Dr. Jeffrey Hudson. 

Ah, you Michael Crichton fans get it.
Michael left behind in a drawer one or two unfinished manuscripts like Micro and soon to be released, a western titled Dragon’s Teeth.

Read an excerpt from Michael Crichton’s ‘Dragon Teeth’

For you Michael Crichton fans, if you like NEXT you will love my book MORPHED

Science and and technology are “morphing” at such an accelerated rate it may be beyond our ability to regulate or control it.


Currently working on CURE ,,,,cure1
Modern medicine has a malady for everything but a cure for nothing.
~doing rewrites. for me, has always been the fun part. Taking the rough product, shaping it, molding it, adding new layers of exciting paint colors. The most shocking dystopian novel is the first one you read. Dystopian novels portray a society, usually of the future, that has arrived at the destination we’re all headed for if we don’t change now. Dystopian stories once used to reflect our anxieties now reflect our reality. 
~CURE started out as an exercise. It is not a 600-page thriller like Kun Lun or Nothing Personal-Just Business Darling, it is short, in the tradition of The Door Into Summer which Heinlein wrote in a mere thirteen days. No rewrite was needed, only some light editing that Heinlein did himself I wanted to see if I could write CURE in a mere 13-days like Heinlein. I don’t know how he did it – It took me three full months for the roughest of rough drafts the summer of 2015. 
~CURE will be available on Amazon as an ebook soon for $2.99.


Kilburn Hall’s favorite Valentine’s Day Movies

1. Ninotchka
2. Love in the Afternoon
3. Breakfast At Tiffanys
4. A Guy Named Joe
5. Key Largo (Bogie & Bacall) Who could resist?
6. To Catch A Thief

Kilburn Hall’s favorite Valentine’s Day Songs

1. Key Largo by Bertie Higgins

2. Laura by Johnny Mathis or Kevin Mahogany
3.  In the arms of an angel by Sarah McLachlan

 Enjoy this month of love…….