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Ah, August….. and the back to school specials begin. Can’t wait for the kiddies to go back to school. With heat indexes of 123 in places like Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and hordes, literally hordes of “tourons” descending upon the high Rockies which has experienced mild 75-degree weather all summer, it seems the only way we will get rid of the crowds is by the kids having to be back in school. Yesterday, I-70 to Denver was shut down for 4-hours due to the enormous traffic and a deadly accident. As I have posted regularly on my Facebook page, I-70 is becoming a “death-trap,” as motorists drive 90-mph unimpaired by Highigway patrol which are underfunded / understaffed. People will always speed. Years ago they kept the speeders down to 75 mph instead of 90 mph. The only time I see the local cops or Highway Patrol is nights and weekends. I spent 7-hours on I-70 two weeks ago and didn’t see one cop, local or Highway Patrol.

A cold front is moving into the high Rockies beginning Tuesday August 1st with highs around mid 60’s. Brrrr…. Looks like an early winter this year. I always tell people that weratherwise, all bets are off come Labor Day. I have seen 3-feet of snow mid September here and 95-degree’s. Every year the weather is different.

Congratulations to the Lowe’s Kid’s Duck Dash winner, Logan Sternfeld, in the 2012 kids race.The Great Rubber Duck Races  herald the arrival of Fall here in highh-Rockies. As many as 10,000 tiny rubber ducks take over the Blue River in the heart of Breckenridge, transforming the landscape to a sea of yellow. Thousands of spectators line the banks of the river, willing their little ducks to move downstream as fast as possible in a race that has become the biggest annual fundraiser for The Summit Foundation. The crowds start to swell as time creeps closer to the 3 pm hour where some 10,000 yellow rubber ducks take the plunge in Maggie Pond and start their journey down the Blue River towards the Riverwalk Center. You’ll be one lucky ducky if your little swimmer makes it down the river in the fastest time and prizes will be awarded to a minimum of the top 50 ducks that cross the finish line….even a prize for the slowest duck.

I am very excited about season 7 of Game Of Thrones which finally aired two-weeks ago.
In the nineties I lived in Sante Fe, NM for a short time and met a fellow author at the downtown historic library. A big jolly fellow who was working on fantasy books. Fantasy books were never my cup of tea and I didn;t think anything would come of it. I meet a lot Image result for grrmof people in libraries, some homeless, who claim to be writers working on a fantasy series. We talked on several occassions swapping writing tips. Imagine my surprise when HBO announced its new mini-series GAME OF THRONES based on a fantasy series titled, Song of Ice and Fire. The HBO series was up for 24 awards and came away with 12 on Emmy night’ this year, breaking a record set by the sitcom Frasier with a total haul of 38 Emmys. The photo of the author was none other than my colleague I met in the library in Sante Fe, George R.R. Martin or GRRM. That’s my GRRM story in a nutshell.

Image result for 13th 'Doctor Who' will be played by Jodie WhittakerI am also very excited about this:
 About time BBC,
Theme for new Who: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weykYU3d_mQ




August finds me switching out laptops once again. The new I7 HP’s with 12 gb and 1T storage are fast and combined with the several dropbox’s and clouds, users need no longer fear losing their work. Trying to get CURE, THE KILLING OF A ROBIN, NOTHING PERSONAL-JUST BUSINESS DARLING and KUN LUN published this year on Amazon.


Port-a-potty shortages. Cellular blackout zones. Ambulances stuck in gridlock. These are the conditions emergency managers across the nation are expecting the week of August 21.
For those in a path stretching from Oregon to South Carolina, it’ll be a total solar eclipse, with complete darkness lasting up to 2 minutes and 40 seconds


Untitled 1Very close to releasing CURE.
I am thinking ebook release on Amazon at $2.99. To be followed at a later date with trade paperback (Ingram) available through Barnes Nobles for $7.99.

Here’s a new novel you might enjoy: DEALER.


In the tradition of Tom Robbins, William Kotzwinkle, Melissa Mathison, Simon Pegg / Nick Frost comes a cheerfully dumb sci-fi comedy with sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, and a humorous look at the many conspiracy theories involving Area 51, Men In Black, Las Vegas, Air Force and little green men.

Aliens and Las Vegas have gone together, well practically since Bugsy Siegel planted his first rose in the Rose Garden of the Tropicana, in a very unusual place in the Nevada desert, very far from any sources of water. But then Bugsy was nuts. Who else would steal from the Mob and expect not to be bumped off?


There is the possibility that Aliens from the star system VEGA might have interacted with US Government officials at a time where it became important to establish a base of cooperation in a remote location, but one which might provide sufficient facilities and resources and which could be camouflaged under an entirely different purpose, such as having a vocation as a gambling and entertainment resort? This might explain any number of things such as the presence in the form of Casinos of many of the Earth’s main monuments such as the Giza Pyramid at the Luxor Hotel, the Eiffel Tower in miniature form, the resort presenting in one location the entire City of New York with its many monuments, the city of Venice and many other sites where it almost appears that the populations of Earth have symbolically placed their nations under the auspices of these Extraterrestrial visitors from VEGA presenting them with symbols of their countries in the form of scale models of their original monuments. Just one theory.


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