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April showers bring May flowers or so goes the age-old saying.  March 2019 seems to have flown by in the wink of an eye. St. Patty’s Day was uneventful this year with Chicago dying the Chicago River Green.  Good to know there are some traditions that we still keep even with politically correct nonsense. North Carolina went down in flames in the NCAA to Auburn much to the chagrin of just about everybody. No N. Carolina in Final FOur? Heaven forbid. The world is coming to an end.

No photo description available.APRIL FOOLS … and no, I don’t have Prince Albert in a can to let him out.

the April Fools’ (1969) movie title track is sung by Dionne Warwick & written by Burt Bacharach. One of Dionne’s best.

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Here in the Valley Of The Sun we have had a cooler winter / spring and it is barely in
the 80’s here in April. Last year (2018) was God awful with upper 90’s in March and 103 all April. I prefer it in the upper 80’s in April here. Hawaiian shirt weather I call it.

How could this be?
Putin admin devastated. Haha

The Muller Report is out and the investigation blew up in Dems faces. Dems are now back to lamb-basting their own like Jesse Smollet. SNL sketch is pretty right on about this phony attack on Smollett and Chicago mayor and PD are up in arms about the State’s Attorney Kim Foxx throwing out the entire affair.


‘Shame’: Victor Davis Hanson delivers scathing indictment of failed ‘coup’


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Prayers for Mick Jaeger hospitalized with a ‘mystery illness.’ Mick is 78.Mick:  You’re just a shout away. Mick to undergo heart-surgery at age 78.  Summer American sold-out tour canceled.



On a personal note, I just lost another cherished grade school friend. Deb Blair
is Untitled 1the protagonist in my novels Kona Winds and The Enemy Within. With a Southern debutant charm, I will sorely miss Deb. I have reached the point where life starts taking more from you than it gives. Seeing your childhood friends drop like flies is not a comforting sign but a realization for me that I am on the clock and the clock is signaling 4th  quarter. I either make things happen now or never. I never thought as a young man in 1970 that my favorite rock star Mick Jaeger might just drop dead one day. It’s not the kind of things one thinks about when you are young, full of life, with your whole life ahead of you and feeling invincible.

In the Kilburn Hall Books factory, I am hard at work editing and writing. I hope to have CURE on Amazon this summer 2019.

CUREIn the year 2032: Something strange is happening at Sacred Heart Hospital. A surprising number of sick patients, requiring serious and expensive medical procedures are turning up “cured.” Dr. John Lange is close to the cure of a lifetime which could put the large pharmaceuticals out of business when he is befriended by a street tough ALKN and a pregnant streetwise waitress named Margie. Battling the politics of Obamacare in a profession he has come to loathe and despise, he is betrayed by a vindictive greedy ex-wife. John Lange gets into immediate trouble by caring too much about his patients and not enough about the hospital’s bottom line. CURE is guaranteed to make you paranoid about Obamacare and the medical profession and who isn’t already?

Crooked Island like Stephen King’s Duma Key is one of those fun “beach” reading books which I hope to have out by the summer of 2020. 

Featuring the song WEATHER WITH YOU:

An island in the Bahamas, the Bermuda
Triangle to be exact, where a Navy Seal page1goes to Crooked Island Lodge for a little
R & R after a hellacious firefight in Irag with battle-hardened al_Qaeda terrorists. As the shooter DJ Gorman shares his visions with Navy psychologist and personal friend, he’s not quite sure that what he’s seeing aren’t just dreams or hallucinations. Pirates coming ashore to bury treasure, a German U-boat off the shoreline and crew in search of fuel, then a spaceship lifted from the screenplay of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. He has photo’s on his digital camera of course but as his psychologist friend says, those kind of photo’s are easy to fake. It is when his psychologist friend sees the photo of Cuban nightclub singer Esmerelda Vacca, girlfriend of Cuban Mafia kingpin Johnny Ricco sprawled on the sand crying her eyes out that the line between this world and the next becomes blurred. For you see, Johnny Ricco’s yacht went missing in 1955.

Look forward to my murder trilogy. (The Killing of a Robin, Nothing Personal-Just Business Darling and Rule 666) I am partnering with colleague April Reign who is designing the box set.


Author Kilburn Hall often gets asked about the music that he mentions in his books. So here a list of some of the artists, songs, and CDs mentioned in his 27 novels. Enjoy. Listen to the music on Spotify.  LISTEN HERE:

Here’s some future fun books involving aliens to look forward to.

See everyone in May 2019. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.


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