Tonight is the night
When dead leaves fly
Like witches on switches
Across the sky.

October is commonly associated with the season of autumn and Halloween in the Northern hemisphere. It seems every day is a Jewish remembrance day and October is also National Arts & Humanities Month of which as an author I encourage Americans to explore new facets of the arts and humanities in their lives.

636416368548487846-baez0921By October, baseball season has wrapped up with playoffs and World Series underway. As a Chicagoan, I was thrilled the Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians in 2017 to win the World Series despite the fact that the Cubs did everything in their power to lose the final game. I tell people that God is a Cubs fan. Heading into overtime, the Cubs and Indians were tied up and only “divine intervention” in the form of a drenching downpour sent the Cubs into the locker room to poll their heads out of their collective asses and come back to win the game and the series. No rain delay- I have no doubt Cleveland would have come to bat in the 10th inning and put the Cubs away. Here in 2018, Two months ago, the Chicago Cubs appeared to be a pretender in the National League. Now, they are proving to be a legitimate threat to win it all. A second WS win? That would be awesome. Historic back-to-back wins. Chicagoans would go nuts.



October also means that most NFL teams are in full swing. Can you say FOOTBALL? 
As a Chicagoan, my curse, as a Northsider, has been da Cubs, Bulls, and da Bears. Da lousy bums.
The Bears are now 9–25 under Fox
Will John Fox finish the season as head coach?
John Fox hasn’t won a game as head coach of the Chicago Bears in the month of September. He is in his third season and is now 0-8 in September. Even worse, his teams have been outscored 240-115 over those eight games. And that record is in danger of reaching 0-10 as the Bears have games with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers over the next two weeks. If that happens, it may be tough for Fox to make it to the end of the season as the Bears head coach.
Why Jim Harbaugh Is A Serious Candidate To Coach The Bears In 2018

Halloween has changed a lot since I was a kid
cutting holes
in my mother’s new Jack_Skellingtonbed-sheets for a ghost costume. This year the spirit-filled night falls on a Tuesday — and with it, a number of strange and bizarre traditions. How did a pagan Celtic festival and an early church holiday become an opportunity for little kids to beg for free candy and female college students to dress as sultry versions of hooker-vampires?

cover-IT-1505830632999-1505830638376This year, due to the enormous success of the remake of Stephen King’s movie IT, no doubt you will hear several unsettling news reports of people dressed as clowns terrorizing kids, trying to lure children into the woods, tieing red-balloons to sewer grates. My guess is you will see a lot of kids dressed up in yellow raincoats. People tend to take things too far and I am guessing the yellow raincoat kid and Trump masks will be the most popular Halloween costume in 2017.

Halloween became so unpalatable to adults that in 1950, President Harry Truman tried to re-brand that day “Youth Honor Day,” Bannatyne wrote. (The Senate failed to act on the suggestion.) During this period, adults pushed the child-like side of Halloween, encouraging trick-or-treating and other nondestructive activities. The changing living arrangements of American families also contributed to an evolution of the holiday.

In my day,  (growing up in the 1960’s and early 70’s), Trick-or-treating became a big suburban thing, as new suburban areas were created in the 1950s and 1960s.

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It was in the 1970s that the commercialization of Halloween really took off, Rogers said. Stores started selling costumes and candy well in advance of Oct. 31. Meanwhile, the holiday’s adult side became more entrenched, with grown-ups dressing up for their own soirees. Meanwhile, pubs, bars, and restaurants realized that they could capitalize on Halloween with holiday promotions. By 1972 hospital ER’s began offering free x rays of candy filled with razor blades, pins, needles, Ex-Lax.

Trick or treating became so dangerous by the late 1980’s that trick or treating moved inside the big box malls for what was termed a “mall crawl” where kids would go door to door to the businesses like Victoria Secret who offered candy and treats. Talk about over-commercialization of Halloween.

Here in 2017, Halloween and Christmas, Walmart’s biggest holidays sometimes “morph” into a Hallowmas like the year 1993 when Jack Skellington appeared in the Tim Burton animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Several years ago Walmart’s, grocery stores and other retailers starting offering Halloween products right after Labor Day in early September. Followed by Xmas stuff in October Seems we can;t even celebrate one holiday before corporate America is on to the next.

October finds me well and I am beginning to wrap up the year by trying to finish several book projects like CURE, MORPHED, and this Halloween I will return to re-write and edit my Halloween thriller RULE 666.


“There are people you just don’t want to f*** with, bar-room bouncers, certain cops, highly trained military personnel,  gossip columnists,  and there are a few divorce lawyers that can f*** your world more than the aforementioned. There is a certain level of hell waiting for those who molest children, rape, beat, rob the elderly, (particularly those in a position of authority charged with the care of children or the elderly), those who get kids hooked on drugs, crooked cops, or those who talk in the theater. In Chicago, they are called “scumbags.
“I don’t f*** with people who f*** with people that you just don’t f*** with,” says Chicago homicide detective Tom Murphy who is at the top of the list of people you just don’t f*** with.

The finale of the Killing Of A Robin Trilogy. An unjustifiable police shooting, a buried dash-cam video, a stalled 14-month investigation, a secret $5 million payoff to the family, systemic police cover-up, missing security footage, a tight runoff mayoral election… The firing of Chicago’s Top Cop comes at a time when Satanic Rituals, Zombie attacks the result of new mind-bending street drugs called Cloud Nine, Ivory Wave, Flakka, spread panic throughout the city. Horrific images surface of an attack that only ended once a suspended homicide detective shoots and kills a 31-year-old homeless man after witnessing him eaten another homeless man’s face and Chicago’s police profiler Dr. Marie Steele has disappeared.


 Cracker Barrel here already has the Xmas tree’s up and God if they ain’t gorgeous. The all white floor-to-ceiling tree with its many ornaments or the all ‘nature tree’ with branches filled with Red Cardinals, squirrel, and other earthly delights. Cracker Barrel, however, won’t let you buy the tree with everything on it – you must buy all the components separately which will run you a small fortune. Cracker Barrel’s food itself isn’t bad, but when I go out to eat, I want something I can’t make at home.


I saw the latest copy of National Enquirer in the checkout line yesterday at my local grocery store. Clint Eastwood fading fast. All of us will come to a time where we have to say goodbye to our heroes, our prodigies, our mentors. Those people we listened to, watched growing up. Role models. I have come to my time to start saying goodbye.

Today, the media was making a big deal about raging bull boxing legend Jake LaMotta who has died. The man was 95. He had a good life. Everyone dies. Geez.

One of the failings of modern society is that we don;t talk about aging or death. We don;t prepare for it like Buddhist societies and so when the inevitable happens, society is shocked. LIke we were in 2016 when so many people died just as the year was ending. Carrie Fisher and mom Debbie Reynolds come to mind. 2016 with its many celebrity deaths, seemed like it would never end. It was a brutal ending to the year. But even 2016 died finally.

The legacy of Art Garfunkel can be found in the lyrics of 59th St. Bridge Song. 


Slow down….
You move too fast.
You got to make this morning last, just kicking down a cobblestone. Looking for fun and feelin’ groovy.

Letter to younger self: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGwz7bhOjzg


Seems, the hurricanes swirling around in the Carribean (Irma, Jose, Maria) and Katia that hit Mexico have caused an early winter. Lake Tahoe, CA already has 3-6 inches of snow and here in Northern AZ, we are FREEZING. NHighs around 58 with 35-mph-wind gusts and 29 degrees at night. 

  So, I hope you enjoy the month of October. In 1970’s, so many artists released new #1 songs in October we used to refer to it as “ROCKTOBER.”


sv10258Let me leave you with one of my all-time Halloween favs. It’s by Classic IV and featured in my Halloween thriller, RULE 666. Yep. 

Spooky ain’t it?