Welcome to September.
The month I officially become a senior citizen. Me?
I’m gonna dance and celebrate. We seniors have earned the right.


I saw the most horrifying thing on my hike today?
What was it you might ask.
Trash on the trail? A rabid coyote?
I saw a yellow leaf on the trail.

Fall is nigh my friends.

Another reminder that it’s that time of year. The Aspens are turning yellow, the Broncos played their first game beating the Bears 22-0, the kids go back to school next week, (college and lower grades) and the invasion of tourists here in the high Rockies is slowly winding down. I have said all summer- we no longer have ‘tourism’ here in the high Rockies we get invaded. Businesses being trashed in the first hour they are open.

End of summer, family vacation’s, the weekend.
We don;t get ‘tourism’ here anymore in high Rockies we get invaded. Wake me up when this invasion is over.

September is always my favorite month here in high Rockies. This is the 30th-year of the annual ‘duck races.’ Those cute yellow rubber ducks placed in the Blue River in Breckenridge.We used to have a film festival in Breck with Sept weather glorious, a mellow sun, Aspens turning gold, but mainly the peace and quiet here on a school day. Us locals have the place back to ourselves before the insanity of ski season starts at Halloween.
Still, every year I am filled with a tinge of sadness that another glorious summer is coming to an end. I don’t have all that many left.

I have been working on Bimini Road of late. Or rather, doing the first re-write. I usually find that when I don;t have to completely rewrite the thing from scratch that I have written a halfway decent story.


“In the province of the mind what one believes to be true,
either is true or becomes true within certain limits.”
~John Lily.

In the tradition of the 1967 French novel
Un Animal Dou de Raison (A Sentient
Animal) by Robert Merle, Bimini Road is not as anti-BRAmerican as Merle’s version and opens up a world of possibilities previously surmised but never expressed on paper. Bimini Road deals with the ‘exploded planet hypothesis’ of myth first appeared in Alan F. Alford’s book, The Phoenix Solution (1998) and later clarified in The Atlantis Secret (2003) in which Alford surmises that Atlantis never existed in a geographical sense. In keeping with recent Platonic scholarship, Alford took the story to be ‘political allegory’, based on Plato’s critical view of Athens’ status as a powerful but decadent maritime empire in the 5th century BC.Alford argues that the Plato story of Atlantis was simultaneously an allegory for the creation of the universe – following the geocentric cosmogony of the Greeks. In this way, Alford claims that the story is indeed “true” – as Plato insisted it was – for the ancient sages believed that the myth of creation was a true account of how the universe had been brought into being.

I have also been working on ‘branding’ and reworking many of my book covers or cover-art. Let me know if you like this one for KUN LUN. I was going for an Oriental theme in keeping with the original Lost Horizon book covers. Drop me a comment to let me know if I have succeeded.

Looking forward to the kids going back to school in a week here in the high Rockies. September weather is usually sunny and 70’s, and it gets so quiet here during the school week. Really enjoyable time to hike, and dream, and get in touch with this fragile planet we inhabit.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day.

~Kilburn Hall


You have to earn God’s presence.
Then you have to recognize it.

And then you have to ride like hell.
Coming 2017-2018.


The stage is set. The conditions are perfect. The terrorist group calling themselves ‘New World Order’ is prepared to use fire as a primary method of control to rid the state of California of its human inhabitants and to destroy what remains of California’s ability to provide food for itself and the rest of the country. They have already sprayed hundreds of tons of nano aluminum in the atmosphere coupled with the use of atmospheric ionic heaters also known as HAARP to create high-pressure zones over the state while migrating the moisture that would normally fall on the state to other areas of the country east of California. Only one man can lead authorities to the group, retired Texas Ranger Fidel Gonzalez, top arsonist investigator. Only problem is in locating him and convincing him to return. Gonzalez, a victim of downsizing by Texas female governor left with a sour taste in his mouth.
Thanks to terrorists, the world has become a global Dodge City. Lucky for us that a Wild West lawman like Jordan Stanley is on the job.

Science fiction aliens are both metaphors and real possibilities. One can probe the nature of humanity with aliens that by contrast illustrate and comment upon human nature. Still, as evidenced by widespread belief in alien visitors (see UFOs) and efforts to detect extraterrestrial radio signals, humans also crave companionship in a vast, cold universe and aliens may represent hopeful, compensatory images of the strange friends we have been unable to find. Thus, aliens will likely remain a central theme in science fiction until we actually encounter them.

Kilburn Hall's photo.
Kilburn Hall's photo.
Kilburn Hall's photo.
Kilburn Hall's photo.