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Life is a journey….
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indexKilburn Hall is an American author best known for his work in the techno-thriller genre. Kilburn Hall has been a newspaperman (journalist, editor, columnist, advertising)  since his high school years in the 70’s when he was a sports writer.

A political blogger since 2008, when Kilburn Hall left his newspaper career with the downsizing of print and the birth of the electronic media. Kilburn Hall’s first fictional murder novel The Killing Of A Robin followed by sequels Nothing Personal-Just Business Darling, and Rule 666, uses very real locations in Chicago and its environs. His works, based on the techno-thriller genre, like his mentor Michael Crichton, heavily feature science and technology.

He is the author of 27-novels including his highly acclaimed debut thriller, Kun Lun. Other works include The Killing of a Robin, Nothing Personal-Just Business Darling, The Red Ball, Ark, Morphed, Bimini Road, Excalibur, and Cure.

Kilburn Hall is from Chicago.

Local author returns to his roots : A conversation with author Kilburn Hall

As traditional publishing fades into the twilight and the brave new world of online publishing takes hold, how do you get people to buy your book when you may be a small fish in a vast ocean of online publishing where thousands of new titles are released every day? The answer: WORD OF MOUTH. Get people who buy your book to tell other people, lots of other people when they like your book. Author’s have no problem with word of mouth if you have written a book that someone who shelled out big bucks absolutely hates. The ‘haters’ will tell everybody and I mean everybody. So, the time to get people talking “up” your book is before you publish, when they’re about to buy your book, while they’re reading it, and especially after they finish it.

My e-books and 6 x 9 paperbacks are available through all major outlets like Amazon (Kindle) Barnes Nobles, (Nook), Kobo, Apple iBooks. 
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If you like NEXT you will love my new book MORPHED 
(in the tradition of NEXT)

                                    Maybe true…maybe not true. Better you believe.

If you liked Lost Horizon by James Hilton you will love my new book KUN LUN.
It is an area about the size of a living room, a broken platform of rock and ice six miles up in the sky. Higher than most airliners fly. So high that it sits in the jet stream year round and the wind beats against the mountain face at one hundred miles per hour. A team of confident climbers sets out to summit the face of the world’s tallest mountain known as Kun Lun (primal chaos, muddled confusion, grotto of vacuity, or Cavernous Mountain) with notable celebrities and journalists. Not long into their journey, the climbers know they are heading for disaster. Rescue teams from all over the world race to Kun Lun Advanced Base Camp at 18,000-feet yet only one of the sixty-climbers, Chicago journalist Tim Campbell, survives to face unfounded accusations as he tells an amazing tale of Khembalung.

                              Fear comes in waves. 

If you liked Stephen King’s Duma Key you will love my upcoming book Crooked Island.
A Navy Seal goes to Crooked Island Lodge for a little R & R after a hellacious firefight in Iraq with battle hardened al_Qaeda terrorists. As the shooter DJ Gorman shares his visions with Navy psychologist and personal friend, he’s not quite sure that what he’s seeing aren’t just dreams or hallucinations. Pirates coming ashore to bury treasure, a German U-boat off the shoreline and crew in search of fuel, then a spaceship lifted from the screenplay of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. He has photo’s on his digital camera of course but as his psychologist friend says, those kind of photo’s are easy to fake. It is when his psychologist friend sees the photo of Cuban nightclub singer Esmerelda Vacca, girlfriend of Cuban Mafia kingpin Johnny Ricco sprawled on the sand crying her eyes out that the line between this world and the next becomes blurred. For you see, Johnny Ricco’s yacht went missing in 1955.


It is the doom of men that they forget.
If you like Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code you will love my new book EXCALIBUR.
The evening begins with the annual Boar’s Head Feast in Old Hall at Queen’s College, a traditional Christmas celebration. While celebrating the annual Boar’s Head Feast in Old Hall at Queen’s College, a traditional Christmas celebration at Oxford, as the lights go down something goes horribly wrong. A guest is murdered and Chief Inspector for (MIT) of Scotland Yard, Ian McGregor, is handed an anagram from a waitress that the murdered man wrote on a napkin. Mcgregor, is plunged into the mystery surrounding a religious artifact (the sword Excalibur) worn by Gauis Cassius Longinus, the Roman Centurion who pierced the side of Jesus with his spear while the condemned one hung from the cross. Protected by a secret society (Knights Templar) for two thousand years, the possession of Excalibur, (sought by Adolph Hitler for its paranormal powers), could shake the foundations of Christianity, the British Monarchy, and governments around the world. 


Kun Lun (2000)cropped-13782272_10210185590265607_4057860088194851764_n.jpg
The Killing Of A Robin (2001)
Bukkake  (2002)
Nothing Personal – Just Business Darling  (2002)
Excalibur (2007)
Rule 666 (2007)
Ark (2010))
Bimini Road (2011)
Icex (2012)
Crooked Island (2014)
Cure (2015)
Morphed (2015)
Me, Myself & Lie (2016)
Sinagua (2016)
Chronovator (2016)
Panspermia (2017)
Zero (2017) The Return of The Master (2017)