RULE 666

The Slender Man Song from The Red Ball:666

RULE 666
Rule 666 is the definition and embodiment of the devil, and any activities involving satanism. When applied, all other religious actions will be nullified, and only the devil’s worship will be available.

“There are people you just don’t want to f*** with, bar-room bouncers, certain cops, highly trained military personnel,  gossip columnists,and there are a few divorce lawyers that can f*** your world more than the aforementioned. There is a certain level of hell waiting for those who molest children, rape, beat, rob the elderly, (particularly those in a position of authority charged with the care of children or the elderly), those who get kids hooked on drugs, crooked cops, or those who talk in the theater. In Chicago, they are called “scumbags.
“I don’t f*** with people who f*** with people that you just don’t f*** with,” says Chicago homicide detective Tom Murphy who is at the top of the list of people you just don’t f*** with.

The finale in the Killing Of A Robin Trilogy. An unjustifiable police shooting, a buried dash-can video, a stalled 14 month investigation, a secret $5 million payoff to the family, systemic police cover-up, missing security footage, a tight run off mayoral election… the firing of Chicago’s Top Cop comes at a time when Satanic Rituals, Zombie attacks the result of new mind-bending street drugs called Cloud Nine, Ivory Wave, Flakka, spread panic throughout the city. Horrific images surface of an attack that only ended once a suspended homicide detective shoots and kills a 31-year-old homeless man after witnessing him eaten another homeless man’s face and Chicago’s police profiler Dr. Marie Steele has disappeared.

“The addictive drugs stimulate the central nervous system and symptoms include heart palpitations, nausea, hallucinations, paranoia and erratic behavior. He was like a wild dog. I had to put him down,” Murphy simply explains to acting Police Chief Chicago’s top homicide detective, Tom Murphy, the shooter, is brought back from suspension to solve the biggest Red Ball of all times. It’s been thirteen-years since Murphy climbed into a bottle after witnessing the ghost of a dead woman sit on the bed next to him. He has been sober/clean for five-years working private security.

Partnered with the new female police psychologist Julie Barnes, and seeking the help of old friends on the force like Tony Williams, back in the 2nd District working auto theft/Burglary and Dr. Dawson, who heads Chicago’s Paranormal Society. For you see, the solution to Chicago’s problems are other-worldly.


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