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Read an excerpt from Kilburn Hall’s new book: MORPHED

“Mystery, obviously, is everywhere. Is there a God? Mystery. What about life after death? Mystery. Excuse me, what material is the Sham Wow made of? Mystery. Stonehenge? Big Foot? Loch Ness? Mystery mystery mystery. McDonald’s Special Sauce? I don’t care how many bottles of Thousand Island dressing you show me, it’s Special Sauce. Mystery.

“And yet: For all that mystery, why does it feel like the world has been ripped open, all parts exposed? Why does so much seem absolutely and thoroughly demystified? These days we can leap, all of us, from a casual curiosity about anything to a sense of satisfying understanding. Instantly. Want to fold origami? There are more than 200,000 Google results on that subject available to you, now. Need to know the capital of Mauritania? A recipe for sticky buns? How to pick a bicycle lock? You could answer all these questions in less time than it will take you to finish reading this article (which, for a second time, I suggest you skip. Remember: You know how it ends, so why are you still here?

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Read an excerpt from Kilburn Hall’s new thriller: KUN LUN.

The romantic in me likes to think that Tim Campbell beat back the snows of Kun Lun to find the lamasery at Khembalung and his lost love Xui-Mei Najar. Campbell’s ex-wife and critics charge that he is most likely dead, killed in the attempt, or that he drank himself to death as a disgraced ex-patriot in some Far East country. The questions he asked and tried so hard to answer through his novel Kun Lun and his wanderings are the same questions many people ask when they plunk down money on adventure novels. Instead of finding answers on the psychiatrist’s couch, Tim Campbell found them in a sweaty hotel in Kashi, making close friends on the drive across the Great Takla Makan desert, in the back streets of Lhasa, and on the treacherous face of Mt. Kun Lun. Could it be that with his quick wit and singular way of looking at the world, that he was closer than others to what life’s so-called answers are? This certainly was the lure of his book Kun Lun which remained on the bestseller list for nineteen months. The revelations coming alive in its pages, the vivid descriptions of Tim Campbell’s search, what he discovered in that search, and dealing with the wake of the tragedy of the 1995 Kun Lun Expedition

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Local author returns to his roots : A conversation with author Kilburn Hall

“Since I was a young boy I have always dreamed of being an author and joining the ranks of author’s who inspired me like James Hilton, Robert Heinlein, Ursula Le Quinn andMy generation never had the giants like Hemmingway, Steinbeck, and Faulkner. It was only when a dark voice by the name of Stephen King came along in the 1980’s who showed my generation how much fun and profit could be made giving up your day job to pursue the craft of fiction writing, did we turn out the likes of John Grisham, Anne Rice, Tom Clancy, Tom Robbins and Michael Crichton.

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