You are 300 feet below the surface of the
South Pacific on board the nuclear attack boat publication2USS Illinois. Your destination, a scientific outpost called Neumayer-Station III  where a ancient relic of unknown origin was found.

Your orders, get there, destroy New Swabia, an abandoned WWII Nazi submarine base believed destroyed by Admiral Byrd before the Russians and Chinese reach it.

A race against time and a battle with an invisible enemy at the bottom of the world. ICEX.


A team of Norwegian scientists stumble across an aged artifact three miles beneath the ice. Former Nazi base 211  is buried under a mountain by a deliberate explosion set by an unknown saboteur.

New Swabia, (Base 211)  A city of Nazis scientists believed destroyed by a nuclear bomb during Operation High Jump in 1947 led by Admiral Nimitz is found long abandoned with no signs of bodies. Where did a thousand Nazi scientists and their families go?

The USS Illinois with its first female captain and all female crew are dispatched to ferry a mysterious stranger to Ice Station X only to find out he is not who he claims to be. Who is he? What is his mission?

Japanese robotist, Yoshi Ishiguro, knows that somehow these events are connected. He believes his lifelong investigation of Nazi Saucers has devastating modern consequences, and a diabolical enemy unlike anything the world has ever known. Now, the USS Hawaii, its female captain Capt. Kilgore, her female c
rew, are racing the Russians and Chinese to solve the mystery as the trap is set. The clock is ticking.
Only Capt. Kilgore and the USS Illinois stand between the earth and

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