WHY I BLOG: (An excerpt taken from in 2008)
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On January 17, 1998, a blogger by the name of Matt Drudge was sitting in his apartment in Bel-Aire, California when he broke the biggest news story of the decade on his blog. (Drudge Report). He scooped the major news services and went on to become the most successful blogger in history. Back then, in 1998, few had heard of the Internet much less knew what a blog
was. So, it was easier for bloggers like Drudge to be hugely successful.

Today, ten-years-later, (2008) there are millions of blogs and bloggers. Every housewife in America blogs and most twenty-something females have their own sex web cam site. The problem today is getting people to read your blog or visit your site. With so many blogs and blog services, it’s hard to get people to read your blog unless you spend a great deal of time promoting your own blog. Which I just don;t have time to do with all the books.

Nevertheless, I will continue to blog. is one of the better blogs. They give you the tools that a lot of other blog sites do not give you. I had another blog on another site for six months. I write mostly about politics and entertainment. IN all that time, only one girl accessed my blog and only, because in an entertainment piece, I used the tag Ben Affleck. She didn’t read my blog- she was only interested in reading about Ben Affleck. The blog wasn’t about him.

As a retired newspaper journalist, columnist, film-critic, editor and the author of nine books, I write adventure books which have journalism under-pinnings. To keep my journalism skills razor sharp- is why I will continue to blog. And … for that day when I receive a comment which states, “That was a truly great article about such and such.”

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IT’S MOM’S DAY: (Excerpt taken from Facebook 2015)

It’s mom’s day which of course means they’re packed into Cracker Barrel like sardines. My mother and I had a complicated relationship but no matter the year, or if I was on the outs with her, I always showed up at her door on Mother’s Day, bouquet of flowers in my hand, cooked a mother’s day dinner for her, waited on her hand and foot, treated her like a queen on her special day. It’s just what you do because she’s mom. Were it not for her- there would be no you.
Mother’s Day takes on a somber quality after your mom passes away. I remember the good times and the harsh words arguments, disagreements, issues… melt away like butter.
My mother Donna passed away March 2008 and I honor her by remembering the good times, cooking a pot roast dinner for myself, and watching My Fair Lady, mom’s favorite moviel. As a kid when I lagged behind in public, mom was known to say, “Come on Dover. Move your blooming arse.”
My niece, mother of three children and a full time anesthesiologist, may view Mother’s day as Indentured Servant Day, but she is blessed to have a super husband and three adorable kids. I feel the need to remind her from time to time just how blessed she is that other women have not been so blessed.
Mother’s day is for all the mom’s, our own, our daughter’s, their daughters. the mother’s of the important people in our lives. Mom’s do not require a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day, or a breakfast at the crowded Cracker Barrel, or even a card, though the extra’s are appreciated, all mom’s require of us on this, their special day, is that we remember and spend some time with them or at the very least, call and talk to mom. I cannot do that now and the one thing I missed when mom died was not being able to pick up the phone and talk things over with mom.




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