In the tradition of the Seven Faces Of Dr. Lao by author
s G. Finney,CURIO Needful Things by Stephen King,  with a dash of the alien who works in an antique store in Ursula LeGuinn’s The Lathe Of Heaven and A Wrinkle In Time by Madeline L’Engle comes a modern telling of a mysterious stranger who comes to town and opens a curiosity shop called Vanities. FBI agent Bart Needham who first appeared in Morphed is searching for a missing physicist who may have hidden the God Particle in a special type of locket. The locket believed to be of the same type found in an excavation in early Egypt by Professor Lindfors in 1928. Things aren’t all they seem to be in the quiet commuter suburb of Barrington, IL. as each visitor to Vanities curio shop has their life forever altered by interaction with the mysterious woman owner and her black cat named Bastet with the emerald green eyes.