“It’s not the books by Stephen King that I read,
I need protection from the things in my head . ~
Jimmy Buffett

Featured in Crooked Island the music of Crowded House. (Weather With You)


 The best ghost stories are read by flashlight while camping under the stars in the
summertime while the fireflies alight or hunkering down to ride out Hurricane Sandy in front of a roaring fireplace nursing a glass of Bourbon whiskey from Knob Creek. The best writers of these kind of stories are of course Stephen King or Dean Koontz and after reading Stephen King’s Duma Key during the blizzard of 2008 in Chicago, a story was beginning to form in my mind about an island in the Bahamas, the Bermuda Triangle to be exact, where a Navy Seal goes to Crooked Island Lodge for a little R & R after a hellacious firefight in Irag with battle hardened al_Qaeda terrorists. 

     As the shooter DJ Gorman shares his visions with Navy psychologist and personal friend, he’s not quite sure that what he’s seeing aren’t just dreams or hallucinations. Pirates coming ashore to bury treasure, a German U-boat off the shoreline and crew in search of fuel, then a spaceship lifted from the screenplay of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. He has photo’s on his digital camera of course but as his psychologist friend says, those kind of photo’s are easy to fake. It is when his psychologist friend sees the photo of Cuban nightclub singer Esmerelda Vacca, girlfriend of Cuban Mafia kingpin Johnny Ricco sprawled on the sand crying her eyes out that the line between this world and the next becomes blurred. For you see, Johnny Ricco’s yacht went missing in 1955. 


1. Weather With You by Crowded House

2. Sail On Sailor by The Beach Boys

3. Shiver Me Timbers by Barry Mann & Cyntia Weil

4. Pacing The Cage by Bruce Cockburn sung by Jimmy Buffet.

5. Permanent Reminder Of A Temporary Feeling by Jimmy Buffet

6. Island Song by the Zac Brown Band

7. Distantly In Love by Jimmy Buffet

8. Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On by Jimmy Buffet

9. Darlin by the Beach Boys

10. Coconut Groove by Lola Folana


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