Bimini Road

What if the creator created two species?BR

One to walk the land and one to swim the oceans? What if the creator came back? Edy Elfering, a dolphinologist, works with Bottlenosed Dolphins to understand their speech patterns. Her work is funded by the shadowy Jameson Foundation.

“What’s wrong with using a dolphin as an advanced biological weapon system (ABWS) which is how we classify them in Navy terms?” asked Captain Miles Friday.
“Well it’s abusive,” replied Dr. Edythe Elfering. “Well– ‘we’re only talking about a few dolphins here. There’s millions of them out there.’ That’s the argument. But what’s wrong with abusing a few women? Hey, there’s millions of them out there! It’s the same kind of thinking, same kind of logic. Besides the ethical considerations, it’s a faulty weapons system. It doesn’t even work, okay? It doesn’t work. The public is being ripped off. It didn’t work in Vietnam. It didn’t work in the Persian Gulf and it hasn’t worked anywhere they tried it. They’re not dependable the dolphins. Once a dolphin has been fed their full allotment of fish you no longer have control over the dolphin. They know that. I sometimes suspect that this whole program is a phony program as a deterrent to the enemy. We know that the North Vietnamese were living in terror of these kamikaze dolphins as they were called. We used dolphins to take out North Vietnamese regulars coming down the Mekong River which approaches and empties into the sea through a network of distributaries. They died there and we’ve used them in the Persian Gulf. These were basically disposable dolphins for a disposable military. And that’s what’s wrong with it!”

In the tradition of The Day Of The Dolphin comes a new techno-thriller by Kilburn Hall, author of Kun Lun, Ark, Morphed, Crooked Island and others.

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