And come he slow, or come he fast. It is but death… who comes at last. He has been called by many names over the centuries, Yama, lord of death in Hinduism,  Grim Reaper, The Destroyer, The Hooded One, The Angel of Death, & The “God” of Death,  Michael (good angel) Samael (evil angel)
At the last moments before death, God  sends the angels of death to get the soul from the human body. During a man’s dying moments, he wishes that death were delayed so that if he were a non-believer, he would become a believer.

But what if the angel of death wished that death were delayed? What if the angel of death experienced job burnout and after a row with his bosses decided to take a vacation?  Time would stop. No one could die or be killed. Chaos would reign. Terrorism and crime would run rampant once criminals discovered they could not be killed.

A Gothic Christmas discusses all the burning questions, death, the meaning of life, is there an after-life? What some would call “reincarnation.” The spirit of God moving through us in great orchestral works, Descartes Demon, the Holoaust and the nature of evil. Spend a week in the life of Mathias, the  angel of death since the Holocaust as he melds past and present together to give us an idea of our future. Death takes on human form  for the week of Christmas to help a struggling but kindly old minister. He is reunited with the reincarnated version of his long-lost love, now a  beautiful young Goth, the only human un-afraid of him.  Death must decide whether to resign his office to seek his own happiness or sacrifice it so that his wife may live. thoughtful and delicately morbid life as a Goth.